Spaying and Neutering your Beloved Pet: Some Important Considerations


It is undeniable that the decision to bring a pet into your home adds a new dimension of pleasure to each owner’s life. That ball of fur who comes prancing into your abode will ultimately become not only a loyal companion but a cherished member of your family. Just as you make healthcare decisions for… Read more

We got a puppy for Christmas! Understanding some of the science to keeping “Fido” happy and healthy


  Christmas is coming and you decide to surprise your children with the puppy that you have been promising them! You believe that bringing a puppy into the family will bring everyone a great deal of joy. (Let’s face it; there are few human beings who can resist a cute little puppy or baby.) Secretly,… Read more

Labor Day Tips for Pet Safety


As summer vacation draws to a close, we often celebrate Labor Day with fireworks, barbeques, and open pool days. While all this fun is a great way to celebrate both our country and the people who work to make it better, we can sometimes forget the furry members of our family. Fireworks can be scary,… Read more

Picking the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle


Picking the right dog is an important topic to me as a veterinary professional, and it should be important to the prospective owners as well. An adorable puppy is difficult to resist, but the decision to get a puppy should not be a hasty one. Rather, it should be an informed decision based on research to… Read more