Dr. Richard T. Baumgartner, DVM

Dr. Richard T. Baumgartner is excited to be opening Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, bringing with him not only a passion for animals, but a true understanding of how important pets are to their owners and the special place they hold in a family. He believes that each animal deserves high quality, compassionate care in an environment that fosters clear and accurate client communication, and he looks forward to providing this type of service to his clients at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Baumgartner attended Roger William University in Rhode Island and double majored in psychology and biology in preparation for achieving his life-long goal of becoming a veterinarian. During his undergraduate career, he procured externships in both small and large animal practices. He worked at Ocean County Veterinary Hospital and Colts Neck Equine Performance Horse Medicine prior to entering Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He completed his clinical training at University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2011, focusing on small animal general medicine and surgery. His special interests include ophthalmology and soft-tissue surgery.

A graduate of H.W. Mountz and Manasquan High School, he is delighted to give back to the community in which he grew up and looks forward to building life-long relationships with his clients and their pets.  As the co-owner of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, he is devoted to providing quality, individualized care for patients.  During his free time, he enjoys fishing, skiing, playing tennis, reading and going to the beach.  Dr. Baumgartner also enjoys spending time with his dogs, Duke and Edna, his wife, Jessica, and their families.

Dr. Allison Bosworth, DVM

Dr. Allison Bosworth is tremendously excited to be launching Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, where she looks forward to providing Monmouth County with high quality veterinary medicine with a personal touch. As a child, she developed a fierce love for animals, especially dogs, while her mother’s career as a nurse practitioner inspired her interest in medicine. At an early age, she learned the importance of being kind and compassionate to people and animals, especially those who were ill, and this was the impetus for her to study veterinary medicine with a humanistic approach. From working at various local veterinary practices, Dr. Bosworth has gleaned best practices in developing individualized treatment plans and multimodal pain management, and she is eager to infuse these into the daily protocols of the hospital. Ultimately, Dr. Bosworth’s personalized approach will make both the clients and their pets feel comfortable in even the most stressful situations.  

Dr. Bosworth attended the University of Delaware, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science with a concentration in pre-veterinary studies. While attending college, she worked as a veterinary technician to prepare for the rigors of Oklahoma State University, where she received her degree in Veterinary Medicine. During her clinical year, she did an externship at Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, NJ, rotating through oncology, emergency medicine and neurology. She has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2009, with a focus on internal medicine, anesthesia and pain management.

Though she originally hails from Milltown, NJ, Dr. Bosworth now happily resides near the Jersey Shore with her three dogs, Sophie, Roxy, and Rhys. As the co-owner of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, she is committed to bringing thoughtful and compassionate care to her clients in the local communities.

Dr. Rachel Manto, DVM

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital is pleased to welcome Dr. Rachel Manto to our veterinary team.  She may look familiar to you because she was a highly skilled veterinary technician at AVH when it opened in 2016.  If you remember her and were wondering where she has been, she has been very busy attending St. George Veterinary University in Granada to realize her dream of becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine.  Needless to say, the entire staff is delighted to have Dr. Manto as a member of the veterinarian staff.

Dr. Manto has always loved animals.  She grew up in Toms River and attended Toms River Schools.  Upon her high school graduation, she attended Farleigh Dickinson University where she efficiently studied biology and completed all the prerequisite courses to attend veterinary school.  She then worked as a veterinary technician for 9 years, and she became even more determined to be a doctor of veterinary medicine.  While attending St. George University, she did a clinical year at Louisiana State University and she developed special interests in ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery, internal medicine, and exotic animals.

Dr. Manto now resides in Monmouth County where she enjoys paddle boarding and going to the beach.  She also is an avid traveler, enjoys attending concerts, and loves spending time with her family and her dog Scooter.  Please join us in welcoming back Dr. Manto.  Her positive energy, compassion, and skills will be a wonderful fit at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Doreen Sadowski, DVM

Dr. Doreen Sadowski is a welcome addition to the team at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital.  Born and raised in New Jersey and now residing in Ocean County, Dr. Sadowski realized her love of animals at an early age when she fell in love with her first pup at age 3.  That first encounter with puppy love developed into a deep affection for all furry animals.  She also discovered that she liked caring for them and found it very fulfilling.  It was inevitable that her passion for animals developed into a deep interest in veterinary medicine.  Consequently, she obtained an Animal Science degree from Cook College at Rutgers University and then pursued a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Iowa State University.  Prior to becoming a veterinarian, she worked for several years as a veterinary technician.  She has been practicing small animal medicine since graduating from ISU in 2006.

As you have ascertained, Dr. Sadowski is a huge animal lover who strives to keep all her patients happy and healthy.  She is an empathetic practitioner whose goal is to educate and assist pet owners in making the best decisions for their pets and their families.  She is sensitive to the needs of all animals, but she has an exceptionally special connection with senior pets.  With that said, she personally enjoys spending time with her rescued senior Golden Retriever, Brock.  She greatly revels in taking Brock to the beach for some quality relaxation time in between her work and family life.  Please welcome Dr. Sadowski to Atlantic Veterinary Hospital.

Our Mission

The Atlantic Veterinary Hospital team is committed to maintaining your pet’s optimal health. We believe that educating pet owners is key to building a strong relationship with our clients while allowing them to feel confident when making important decisions about their pet’s well-being. We place an emphasis on thorough, timely communication, exceptional customer service, innovative patient care and providing a learning environment for our staff and our clients as well as members of the local communities.

Our Philosophy

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital was founded by Doctors Richard Baumgartner and Allison Bosworth, colleagues who shared the same desire to open a quality veterinary hospital where all clients and their pets are treated with, not only integrity and compassion, but with professionalism. As doctors with a passion for animals, they grew frustrated by the assembly-line approach to veterinary medicine practiced at other hospitals, and they knew that they could provide a better experience for clients and patients. Doctors Baumgartner and Bosworth believe that clients deserve more than a diagnosis and a prescription; they deserve to be informed in order to understand how best to care for their pets and keep them healthy.

Thus, with a strong commitment to personalized, innovative, researched-based methodologies, they designed a modern facility with the goal of providing each animal and its owners with the same positive experience for a routine check-up as for a more stressful emergency visit. Most importantly, our doctors and staff strive to conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner and build strong relationships with clients, patients and colleagues. At Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to recording thorough medical histories, providing comprehensive exams, advising on preventative care and using the most modern insights in veterinary medicine to help your pets live long and happy lives.

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital welcomes new patients and invites you to take a tour of our facilities. We are located in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey, and proudly serve the local communities and surrounding towns of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in a relaxed, comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.